Luxury  in a Spectacular Location

Turnstone Beach House

Turnstone Beach House designed for this site to provide hideaways on the wonderful West coast of King Island. They blend into the coastline and provide privacy and stunning views.


Turnstone Beach House is designed to capture the sweeping views and the mesmerising Southern Ocean sunsets. It was designed to bring the outside in, without disturbing the landscape. Large double glazed windows all around naturally frame the surrounding coastal landscape. It is a memorable experience to view the rolling surf, a sunset,  or a big storm. 


You may see a white Sea Eagle  or a Pied Oyster Catcher cruising past from the living room or along the beautiful coastal walks from your doorstep


Turnstone Beach House was built to provide the meaningful West coast experience sought by the owners and by the many visitors.  


All this just 15 minutes from the Airport and 20 minutes to Currie and not far from everything else. Ocean Dunes golf course is 15 minutes and Cape Wickham about half an hour ....we ARE on an Island 

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"Clean and Green"--      YES Really!!

OK OK...we know that has become a cliche


But  Turnstone Beach House is serious about its role in protecting our island and thought the Island was brimming with renewable energy so why not use it  

We love our comforts too.


So at the design stage of this beautiful property  there was a lot of thought put into the view that good passive solar design and wind and sun energy can power this house without any compromise to comfort or energy needs. And it works!!

We are recognised for having environmentally sustainable properties.

"Turnstone" has  the first and only, PLATINUM TripAdvisor  "Green leader" status on the island 

Please see below for a list of some of our “green practices”

Eco Friendly- Our cleaners use eco friendly products and we  provide those to  you too. This includes  Australian made and eco friendly toiletries to use during your stay

Water-Saving- Turnstone Beach House is on tank water and independent.  Water falls from the sky after being picked up over the pristine Southern Ocean and is beautifully fresh. The water is great, but to comply with the rules,  each house also has triple filters and UV treats all water entering the house

Power/energy - Turnstone Beach House has been designed to allow the heat of the sun to enter in winter and to make the most of the cooling sea breezes in summer. We have installed LED Globes, our appliances are low energy rated and heaters are fitted with timers. Turnstone feeds the grid via 7.9 KW solar array  that produces more energy than the house uses

Waste is treated in fully contained Ozzi Kleen septic systems  located away from the house

Water Saving
Eco Friendly